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Papel Latinx

Gaspar Enriquez, Tirando Rollo (I Love You), 2005. Giclee print, 31.5 x 39.5 in. Gift of Cheech Marin and Modern Multiples. 2007.17.9.a

Papel Latinx
April 8  (Closing to be announced)

Mac Rogers, Education Hallway

This exhibition includes works gifted from foremost Chicano Art Collector, Cheech Marin, along with local works gifted from Proper Printshop’s Arte en Vivo series, featuring 12 giclée and serigraphy prints by local established and evolving artists. The works in Papel Latinx explore significant themes of identity, political and social revolution, and the experience of living between and within many cultures. The word ‘Latinx’ originated in the mid-2000s in activist circles as an expansion of earlier gender-inclusive variations. Artists featured in this exhibition reflect the rich ethnic and cultural diversity of Latinx communities, with deep roots in the United States.

Among the works on paper is a print by El Paso Texas native Gaspar Enriquez, Tirando Rollo (I love you), through this piece he documents the attitudes and life-ways of Chicanismo. This exhibition also holds works by seminal local artists like Antonio Castro, Jesus “Cimi” Alvarado, “Los Dos”, Diego Martinez and Art Contreras. Included in this collection is a piece by Suzanne Klotz, La Migra/The Border Patrol, an incredibly tall piece that creates a narrative about the struggles of crossing the border, through its complexity representation of luchadores (Mexican fighters), milagros (religious charms), pesos and crosses, among other motifs with cultural representation. This exhibition celebrates the unique combination of unity and diversity through art.

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