Star Ceiling Fund

El Paso Museum of Art Foundation Star Ceiling Fund

The El Paso Museum of Art Foundation (EPMA Foundation) has engaged world-renowned and El Paso-born and raised artist Leo Villareal to design and install Star Ceiling (El Paso) in the south entrance of the El Paso Museum of Art (Museum)

The site-specific installation will consist of a suspended LED array, zero gravity benches carved out of local stone, and planters with species indigenous to the Chihuahuan Desert. The 120-foot LED array will be composed of 13,500 individually-addressable, monochrome, and energy-efficient LEDs activated by the artist in non-repeating patterns. This unique interactive display will never repeat the same light patterns, creating a different experience for every visitor.

In accordance with an agreement with the City of El Paso approved in November 2021, the EPMA Foundation pledges to raise the $6 million funds required to design, construct, install, and permanently maintain the signature project by Leo Villareal. The EPMA Foundation is partnering with the PDN Community Foundation to support fundraising and maintenance of the project.


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