Calligraphy Workshop with Artist Ricardo “Enks” Uribe

Ricardo “Enks” Uribe, Abstract Reality, 2021. Aerosol paint and acrylic paint. El Paso Museum of Art.

Calligraphy Workshop with Artist Ricardo “Enks” Uribe
August 26, 2023
2PM to 5 PM

Free Event

Free calligraphy workshop with artist Ricardo “Enks” Uribe, inspired by his mural Abstract Reality created in 2021 for the El Paso Museum of Art.

Enks is a native from the border of El Paso TX/ Cd. Juarez. He works in aerosol, acrylic, ink and body paint, and incorporates calligraphy (his first medium working as a street artist in the early 2000s). Enks’ approach to public art has been to connect the community and culture to the piece itself. During the development of a concept, Enks studies the community of a site and embraces the style of locals to inspire his work. “My art is inspired by what I see and feel every day, as a traveling artist, communities and cultures influence most of my work.” Living in a borderland has made Enks work to adapt to two different cultures. Enks likes to use both English and Spanish words in his work to resemble his love for his hometowns.

Enks’s public works can also be seen in Austin, Ciudad Juarez, Denver, Guadalajara, and Los Angeles.

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