On Ecologies of Shaping Matter
On Ecologies of Shaping Matter
March 24, 2022
5:30 P.M.

Free Admission

Join Texas Tech College of Architecture in this spring lecture series.

Continuing the series is Architecture Dana Cupkova, who holds an Associate Professorship at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Architecture and directs EPIPHYTE Lab, an interdisciplinary design and research collaborative that was recognized in 2018 as the ‘Next Progressives’ design practice by ARCHITECT Magazine.

In this talk “On Ecologies of Shaping Matter” Dana argues a biotechnological approach to environmental empathy and stewardship in architecture: On shaping architectural materials within a cradle-to-cradle framework that support more diverse aesthetics and paradigms towards redistribution of resources and labor, while positioning architecture as a vehicle for ecological and communal restoration.

About the Speaker: Dana is focused on the built environment at the intersection of design-space and ecology. Her design work is situated between landscape and architectural design; engaging the issues of materiality, environmental ethics, embodied energy, and cradle-to-cradle advanced manufacturing frameworks, with a particular focus on thermodynamics, and material waste-streams. Dana serves as a graduate program Track Chair for the Master of Science in Sustainable Design at CMU; is a member of the editorial board of IJAC; and a recipient of the 2019 ACADIA Teaching Award of Excellence, and 2022 ACSA Creative Achievement Award for Architiers of Ecological Attunement.

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