Succulent Symbolism: Planting Seeds of Imagination, Stories, and Growth
Succulent Symbolism: Planting Seeds of Imagination, Stories, and Growth
May 4
12 pm - 2 pm

Free Admission

This event will take place in EPMA’s outdoor overhang

In this outdoor hands-on workshop, participants of all ages will explore the fascinating world of succulents and the rich symbolism they hold. From resilience and growth to creativity and transformation, succulents serve as powerful metaphors for nurturing dreams and cultivating personal growth. Through interactive activities, including planting succulents, creating manifestation boards, and exploring the power of words, participants will embark on a journey of self-discovery and inspiration.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or simply curious about the magic of succulents, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature, ignite your imagination, and sow the seeds of your dreams.

Ale Carrillo-Estrada is a visual artist, educator and owner and designer of Akiceri Designs Jewelry. She is a native of the Ciudad Juárez and El Paso U.S.-Mexico border region. She explores themes related to identity, border culture, and social justice. Conceptually, she focuses on liminality in both geographical and symbolical contexts to approach the semiotics of adornment. Her overall vision is to understand political problems holistically and provide social commentary through the creations of objects, sculptures, performances, and jewelry.

This event accompanies the Art Bridges loan of Pitch Blackness / Off Whiteness by Hank Willis Thomas.

Support for this program is provided by Art Bridges.

Donation of succulents provided by the El Paso Community College Biology Department.

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